Tennis Court Rentals & Player Blocks

Looking for an Outdoor or Indoor Tennis Court to rent for you and a group of friends?  With 10 Outdoor Clay Courts and 2 Multi-Purpose Outdoor Hard Courts, we have lots of options for you. Visit our CourtReserve APP to view all available court rental options and prices. If you are looking to book a number of courts, create a special player block the same time each week, interested in a special group outing, tournament, long term rental or other special event, please submit a Custom Request Form and we will research options and contact you.

Membership is not required to be able to book Court Rentals, but being a member does save you money each time and allows you priority status.

There are no Guest Fees for Court Rentals. Only one person needs to rent the court, but all players need to check in and have a waiver on file.

A Court Rental is when ONE person Rents a court, and ONE person Pays for the court rental. Court Rentals can be booked and paid for online 7-10 days in advance. Members can rent courts for less than non-members. Since there are no Guest Fees, the person renting the court can bring whoever they choose. All players must check-in at the front counter. Outdoor Courts are $20 per hour for Members and $30 per hour for Non-Members.

A Player Block is for a “Group” of players who want to play the same time on a regular basis and would prefer to pay individually, versus one person Renting the court. A Player Block can be “Public” or “Private”.  A Public Block is for anyone to be able to View and Register who meets the criteria set up by the organizer (ie, females ages 40-50 for example). A Private Block is created by an active member and is able to be Viewed and Registered for only by the list of Names and Emails provided to Charlotte Tennis NC by the organizer. Charlotte Tennis NC will add and delete courts as needed to accommodate the maximum and minimum number of registrations as defined by the organizer. The cost per person for Player Blocks can vary based on Day, Time, Length and Member versus Non-Members. As a norm, prices are usually around $3 to $3.50 per half hour per person.